Paying your monthly bills should not cause undue strain and anxiety. yet, for many, it does. If you are worried about where your next rent payment is going to come from, try one of these strategies to bolster your budget and help stabilize your financial situation. 

1. Explore Short Term Financing

If you are just trying to make it to your next paycheck, short term financing may be a viable option. In their most simple form, they basically act as an advance against planned income. Short term loans Mississippi give you a simple way to get cash in hand even if your credit has already taken a hit. Be sure to have plans in place to cover your payments or you will end up owing more money than when you started. 

2. Check Expanded Unemployment Programs

Are you a self-employed worker that has been unable to find regular work? If so, you may benefit from extended unemployment programs that have been enacted. Depending on your previous income level, they may offer enough to keep you afloat. Because it can take several weeks or longer to process a claim, it makes sense to apply for assistance as soon as possible to avoid falling behind on bills. 

3. Become a Gig Worker

Taking on a second job has long been used as a way to generate a little extra income and there are lots of available contract positions offering flexible schedules. That makes them perfect if you are looking to squeeze something extra in around another job schedule. You can seek gig work with established companies that offer ridesharing, grocery shopping or take out delivery or advertise your services directly on social media and classified sites. 

4. Sell Unused Stuff

Maybe you just need a one-time infusion of cash to cover an extra expense that cropped up. In that case, consider selling some of the stuff you have lying around. In reality, most people have much more than they ever really use. Go through closets, the basement and attic, maybe even your electronics stash, and find the items you can stand to part with. Then hold a yard sale, take them to a consignment store or offer them up on an app or online resale site. 

Coming up with some extra cash to cover expenses can be easier than you think if you are willing to be creative and look for help where it is available. Expanded unemployment, extra jobs and creative financing can all help you cover next month’s rent so you can relax and plan ahead. 

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