The facade of a building gives an immediate impression for what the building is meant. If your building is a residence, then you may want it to exude a warm and welcoming appearance or a sleek and elegant look. Buildings are designed with a host of different design treatments, but the first aspect of the front of the residence that draws the immediate attention of anyone who passes by is the door. Beautiful doors can not only be functional and add security to your property, but depending on their material and design, they can also add a great deal to the curb appeal of your residential apartment.

Door Materials

Modern doors are crafted from several different types of sturdy materials. You can find doors that are constructed from wood, glass, or steel. Each of these gives a different feel to the look of the entrance. Wood offers an old-world, even earthy presence, which goes wonderfully with vintage apartment buildings. Glass and steel are commonly combined in the use of revolving doors. For a building with a modern, cosmopolitan mien, this could be the perfect choice of materials to complement the building. For a glamorous selection, you might choose bronze doors New York. Bronze offers the strength of metal with the beauty of color, combining both elements to make your apartment doorway the sparkling focal point of the residence.

Door Design

There are many options when it comes to the design of your building’s front door, but several popular styles include revolving, sliding and manual.

Revolving doors consist of a central axis around which partitions rotate. This style of door provides quick and easy access for those entering and exiting the residence. In the winter, wind can have an unwanted tendency to push certain types of doors open, but revolving doors are not prone to this happening, and so are a great choice for climates with extended cold conditions.

For tight entrances where you need to save space, sliding doors make a great choice. They are often constructed to follow a groove at the base or a track above the door. Because of their glass components, they have the benefit of typically allowing a great deal of natural light into the building.

Manual doors are designed to be opened and closed by hand. They do not rely on electricity to operate, so can offer a cost-effective and striking solution to your front entrance needs.

Because the door of a residential apartment can make such an impact on the beauty and function of your building, it makes sense to consult with professional door designers to come up with the perfect door solution for your apartment structure.

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