Deciding to get a divorce is never an easy decision. There’s so much to figure out, and if you’ve never been through it before, it can be completely overwhelming to know where to begin. Here are some of the most important steps to take once you’ve decided that divorce is the right choice for you. 

Find a Lawyer

The first thing you’ll need to do is to find a good lawyer. If you’re getting an uncontested divorce Tampa, you and your spouse may be able to go through a mediator. It’s still a good idea for you each to have your own attorneys even if you are getting an amicable divorce. That way you know you have someone who is only looking out for your best interest. Ask your friends and family members who have gotten a divorce if they have a recommendation for a good lawyer. You can then have an initial consultation to see if it’s a good fit. 

Get Organized

Divorce means the division of assets. This is where things can get pretty complicated, so it’s important that you stay as organized as possible. This is particularly true if there are children involved as you’ll have to get custody figured out as well. Make a list of all of your assets. You may want to put down what was brought in to the marriage and what was attained during it. It’s a good idea to keep everything in an organized binder. You’ll also want to put down you and your spouse’s salaries since you were first married. 

Ask for Help

There’s no shame in asking for help. Getting through the legal aspect of divorce is one thing, but the emotional part of divorce is a whole other beast. It’s not something you want to go through alone. Reach out to the people you love to help get you when you’re struggling through this. You may also want to consider talking to a professional therapist as well. If you have children, you should consider getting them counseling as well so that they have somewhere they can let out their feelings about the divorce. 

Remember that it’s OK to give yourself time to grieve. Even if this is something that you feel is the right thing for you, you’re still giving up the life you thought you’d have. It takes time, but surround yourself with family and friends for support, and eventually, you’ll be just fine.

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