If you’re pondering which course to take in your career development or are looking for a change, you likely have a number of factors to consider. You may be wondering about how fulfilling your time at work will be, how much you may get paid, and what amount of time or financial investment will go into a career path. One component that can be a game-changer when it comes to personal fulfillment in a career is what kind of impact you feel you are making. Whether your sphere of influence reaches one person or the entire world (or any number in between), feeling that your efforts are making a difference for the good can make a career go from just a job to a passion. Read on for three career paths that are known to make a difference.

1. Emergency Services

Those who work in emergency services include community helpers such as firefighters, police officers and paramedics. These everyday heroes can be a huge force for good in the communities where they serve. And training can be as simple as online EMT courses and fire training. With a low initial investment and high personal satisfaction, these careers can be excellent for those who care about people and want to get involved in their local communities.

2. Education

Whether you’re teaching two-year-olds their colors or bringing up the next generation of physicists, becoming an educator can be an incredibly rewarding career and life path. What could be better than molding the minds of future generations and seeing the hope engendered by preparing and teaching future leaders, movers and shakers? Most people can remember teachers who made an impact on their lives in both large and small ways.

3. Nonprofit Work

Not to worry, even nonprofits pay their employees, and a career with a charitable organization can lead to incredible opportunities to make a difference for people and communities both in your local area and around the world. Whether you are considering some time abroad doing more nitty-gritty charity work or taking up an administrative position in an NGO, your unique talents and skills can help further a cause you care about in this way.

Perhaps you’ve already begun your career and are looking for something more fulfilling, or maybe you want to start out on the right path for yourself. Whatever your interests and abilities, there are ways to mold a meaningful career that has an impact on the lives of others. Ultimately, a job that gives you personal satisfaction is worth the effort.

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