Cold and flu season poses a problem for many workplaces. With germs going around, employees are likely to call in sick, meaning production slows down. Thankfully, there are ways to reduce the chances of infection and keep workers safe. Take a look at these helpful tips and see which ones can work best for your business. 

1. Allowing Work From Home

Although not possible for all types of jobs, working from home, when possible, makes it easier to keep illness to a minimum. If the employees have symptoms that are mild or are contagious but otherwise feel fine, this option allows you to keep up on production without the worry of spread. Some employers notice that workers are happier and even more productive when they are allowed to work from home, which can lead to a better balance for both parties. 

2. Using Sneeze Guards

For positions that require employees to help customers face-to-face, using plastic sneeze guards can provide both the worker and customer with a level of protection. Because they don’t have to worry about germs spreading through touch, this allows your workers to effectively do their job. This might be ideal for positions such as a receptionist or customer service representative, to name a few. 

3. Implementing a Screening Process

This can be used for workers, but it can also apply to customers too, depending on the business. Taking temperatures, asking if the individual is experiencing any symptoms, such as nausea, or using both procedures, can help to deter those who have a serious cold or the flu. Many healthcare facilities use this when allowing visitors or even patients in, and it can reduce the likelihood that someone sick is coming through. For workplaces that have or help individuals with compromised immune systems, this provides them with extra protection. 

4. Requiring Masks

Wearing simple cloth masks can help prevent germs from spreading. Those who are sick and wear a mask won’t infect others as much through breathing, coughing, or even sneezing. Having employees wear a mask when they don’t feel their best can be a helpful way to keep the workplace productive, provided it is just a minor cold. 

Dealing with colds and the flu within the workplace doesn’t have to decrease productivity, depending on the type of business you run. Providing safeguards for those who don’t feel well and having everyone work together can keep your business going, without contributing to a major spread of germs. 

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