Hopefully, you won’t ever experience a fire in your home or business. However, if you do, you’ll be happy that your community regularly performs a Fire Hydrant Flow Test. It’s better to be safe than sorry, however, so do your part to stay safe from flames by doing the following.

1. Test Your Smoke Detectors

It may be common sense, but it can be easy to overlook regularly checking to see if your smoke detectors work. Set a date on your calendar to do this once a month. While you’re at it, make sure your carbon monoxide detector is also functional. Read the manuals for both for instructions on how to test them. Many require just pushing a button for a few seconds. That little bit of time could save you and your family’s lives.

2. Keep an Eye on the Stove

Unattended cooking is a major cause of fires. When using the stove, grill, or oven, make sure you’re paying attention. Also, children should never use kitchen appliances by themselves. Teach them cooking and safety skills at the same time by spending time with them fixing up a nice meal. Not only can you make a delicious dinner, but you can also make memories.

3. Get a Fire Extinguisher

These are relatively inexpensive and can be a lifesaver. You can pick one up at your local hardware store. Keep a unit in your kitchen area to quickly and safely put out blazes if they occur. Remember to keep it charged so it’s useful if and when you need it. However, keep in mind that if you do have a fire, there’s no substitute for calling 911. Know what you can safely handle on your own and call emergency responders as soon as possible if the flames get out of control.

4. Don’t Smoke in Bed

This is age-old advice. If you’re sleepy, avoid smoking. You can easily nod off and drop your cigarette or cigar, sparking a fire before you even realize it. A bedroom or living room can become completely engulfed in fire in a very short time. Blankets and other bedding are flammable and can result in major damage to property and even kill you if they are set ablaze by an errant spark.

Take a few small steps now to do your part to avoid future tragedy. A little bit of planning can pay off in your continued health and safety later. Your family will thank you for it.

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