When you go to a church, you may find that there are many leaders there. You may see various positions like Christian school teachers, music leaders, treasurers, and office associates for the organization. If you are looking for the one in charge of everyone though, that would be the pastor. He oversees the different workers and is responsible for the well being of all those who attend. Here are some things a pastor is expected to do for the local assembly.


Bringing sermons to the church is one of the broadest acts of a pastor. What he preaches on will affect the whole congregation. His message should come from God if he wants to lead people the right way. What he thinks will help the people and point them in the right direction. He may need to use Bible study information, a concordance, or dictionary to help him present the message God has given him and make it easier for the congregation to understand.


Many people who are in need will look to their pastor to help give them advice and direction. It could be a marriage dispute, family matter, or even a personal struggle. When someone is sick in the hospital, they may want or need an encouraging word. There are several times and areas in which a preacher may need to visit his people.


Death is something that we all must face someday. A minister is there to help comfort the loved ones of a person who has passed away. Many times, a pastor can bring help and lead a celebration of one’s life on such a somber day. He is there to exalt and encourage.


A wedding is a special day of celebration. The vows of a couple are often read by the minister. He is the one who can legally marry the two because he is ordained. A pastor can also give counseling to the couple before being wed to help them know what should be expected. This can often be a big change in a person’s life and he is there to guide them through it.


Leading is one of the biggest attributes of a pastor. He is God’s shepherd on this earth to help look after the flock. He will make decisions for the church-based on what he feels the Lord would have him do. Through prayer and fasting, the congregation expects their preacher to make the correct decisions.

A pastor’s job can have its highs and lows. With every member of the church comes a different responsibility for the preacher.

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