The coronavirus pandemic has proven difficult for many, but especially so for musicians. Many venues have been forced to close their doors, resulting in fewer opportunities for live shows and temporarily ceasing the symbiosis between venues and performers. Unfortunately, there’s nothing anyone can do until it’s safe to have live shows again. Keep in mind the following necessities for successful gigs after the end of the pandemic.


No live show will be complete without several amps in your arsenal. If electric guitars are an integral part of your act, have at least four electric guitar amps for gigs at the ready so your instruments can have optimal sound throughout. The bass requires its own amp to accommodate the low register of its notes, so it’s important to have the correct amp for each instrument for adequate playing and sound processing.


Band members not having enough cables and having to share or borrow from each other is a common issue. It can be even more common during rehearsals, and when someone comes unprepared it can hinder the rehearsal process and set everyone back. To prevent this problem from occuring at gigs and rehearsals, have a bundle of cables available for everyone to use. Cables are relatively inexpensive, so purchase at least 10 to have around when needed.

Extra Strings

Any musician who’s broken strings on guitars before can attest to how frustrating it is. Many guitar players who are proficient in their craft will make use of the remaining strings to put on a great show. Regardless of where you are in your skills, it never hurts to have extra strings when any of yours fail. It’s not likely that one can fit strings right before a live show, so prepare yourself and get strings fitted at least one day in advance.


Just because the pandemic has brought live music to a halt, it doesn’t mean one should quit playing music until things return to a semblance of normal. The surefire way to maintain your skills or improve on them is to practice, practice, practice. Even if you are already fantastic at your instrument, consistent strumming, keying, or drumming will keep your mind agile and your instrument-playing skills sharp.

Live music will be back and better than ever post-pandemic. In the meantime, follow all safety guidelines and remember to keep these four essentials when you or your posse perform live again.

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