Did you recently get arrested? Maybe you’re not sure how to handle the next steps going forward. You are nervous and scared, but you know that you have to do something. It’s important to understand what happens after you have been arrested and how you should respond. Check out the advice in this mini-guide to help you move through the process.

Know Your Rights

Understand that if you are arrested, you do not have to talk to the police or anyone else unless you choose to do so. Even if you are innocent, it can be better to say nothing at all, and wait until you have your attorney present to talk to someone. The right to remain silent is part of the Fifth Amendment in the United States Consitution. 

Try to Get Out on a Bond

Getting released on bond can give you the chance to stay close to your family, develop a plan on what to do if you do find yourself facing jail or even prison, and allow you to work closely with your attorney to fight the charges. If you do not have the money to bail yourself out, you can usually get help from a service offering bail bonds West Chester PA

Attend All Your Court Dates 

Go to all your court dates so that a judge can hear your case. By not showing up, you forfeit your right to be out, and you might end up serving even more jail time because you may be viewed as guilty by the judge and jury. Going to your court dates might improve the total outcome of your case. It can also help you learn new information, and find out if your case is moving forward or getting pushed back. 

Keep in Contact With Your Attorney

Although your attorney won’t have all the answers, he or she will try to fill you in as much as possible when they find out new information. Your attorney can tell you what they think a possible outcome might be, and what the best line of defense is for your particular situation. This can be helpful, especially if this is your first time getting arrested.

If you are dealing with an arrest, it is important to know your rights, and remain silent. Try to get out on a bond, and make sure you attend your court dates. Working closely with your attorney can help you understand what to expect next. 

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