A backyard pond can bring years of enjoyment to your family. With regular maintenance and the proper equipment, a pond can provide a recreational area and a space to relax. The addition of beautiful pond plants and goldfish or koi can increase your satisfaction with your pond. Some common pond problems can still arise, even with a regular maintenance routine. Here are some ways to manage the most likely issues you’ll experience with your pond.


Without pond aerators and fountains adding oxygen to the water in your pond, algae has the chance to grow quickly and take over. Too much sunlight on your pond can increase the likelihood of algae blooms. Floating plants can help add shade and absorb oxygen to prevent the excessive growth of algae. 


To prevent leaves from clogging your pump, regularly clean out the skimmer. Keep debris cleared from the pond weekly to prevent surplus nutrient build-up in your pond, which can increase the chance of algae blooms.


Mosquitos prefer stagnant water, so keep the water moving in your pond with a fountain or other aerating system. Adding goldfish, mosquito fish or bitterlings will keep larvae from developing as these fish eat them.

Dying Fish

To prevent the loss of fish, make sure your pond has plenty of oxygen. Good circulation is essential for the health of your fish. Also, don’t overcrowd your pond with too many fish. An excess amount of herbicides and pesticides can also be detrimental to the health of your pond fish, so make sure you don’t over-fertilize garden areas near your pond.

Discolored Water

To avoid having a pond with an unsightly brown color, regularly remove natural debris such as leaves, sticks and branches. The majority of murky water issues can be solved with proper circulation, the correct amount of pond plants and the addition of beneficial bacteria.

Water Loss

Luckily, most water loss in a pond is not due to leakage. If you’ve noticed a decrease in water, monitor for evaporation, debris build-up or a misplaced liner. In the summer heat, evaporation can happen more quickly than you might expect. If you have a waterfall, debris at the top may be blocking water flow. A liner that has been pushed down can allow water to seep into the ground. Refill your pond and keep an eye on the water levels to determine if you have a larger problem.

Most pond issues can be fixed quickly and easily, getting you back to relaxation in a hurry.

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