If you’ve got a couple of slow nights each week at your casual bar or restaurant, you might be looking for ways to bring in more customers on those days. One idea is to host regular bar trivia nights. Here are a few points to consider when you’re thinking about how to set this up for your establishment.

Liquor License

Bar trivia goes hand in hand with drinking beer. In fact, trivia teams often like to name themselves with drinking in mind. Common names include “We Drink And We Know Things” and “Our Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem”. If you don’t yet have a liquor license Houston TX for your restaurant, you’ll want to get one. Trivia events often last for a couple of hours, and patrons typically arrive early, so you’re ensuring a decent number of patrons for a significant portion of your evening. That means that if you can offer excellent food alongside the beer on your trivia nights, you’ll enjoy even more sales. 

Charismatic Host

Trivia events vary widely in how they’re formatted and run, but one thing you’ll want to be sure to have is an excellent trivia host. Large trivia companies that specialize in running trivia in bars are one way to get a game up and running at your facility. In many areas, though, there are also small, local companies or even individuals who can bring trivia events to you. Many restaurants and bars like having the same host come back week after week to host their trivia events. The host becomes comfortable with the setup at your location and builds rapport with your regular customers.

Multiple Games Per Week

If you have the chance to offer trivia games two or more nights each week, you’ll attract more customers. Many trivia players come with the same team every time they play. If they like the way trivia works at your bar, they’re likely to play there regularly. Some teams play once per week, on the same night each week. Others will play twice a week at the same venue if they can. Offering trivia more than once a week means more people are likely to have at least one of those nights free to enjoy an evening out with friends.

Establishing a regular bar trivia event at your bar or restaurant can be a great way to increase business on otherwise slow nights. Customers quickly become regulars if they enjoy the trivia, meaning they’re ready to eat your food and drink your drinks for a couple of hours each week.

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