Government and Law

What a Finance Expert Witness Does in a Money Laundering Case

Money laundering is an illegal process in which organized criminals take the money they've received from something like drug trafficking and make it appear as if it comes from a legitimate business. When these types of cases go to court, they often rely on expert financial witnesses to help with the proceedings. The Forensic Accounting A finance expert witness in a money

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Tips to Frugal Living

Despite what you may have heard in the past, frugal living isn’t about being stingy. Instead, it is all about being resourceful. Frugal living is about finding ways to save. This may be through DIY hacks, freebies, and coupons. When you do this, you can focus your attention and money on the things you value. This may be living a

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3 Careers That Make a Difference

If you're pondering which course to take in your career development or are looking for a change, you likely have a number of factors to consider. You may be wondering about how fulfilling your time at work will be, how much you may get paid, and what amount of time or financial investment will go into a career path. One

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Home & Living

4 Home Repairs Best Left To a Professional

A growing number of homeowners are experimenting with DIY repairs and renovations. In addition to saving you money, fixing things yourself can help you understand how your home's systems work. However, there are some projects that really do need the attention of a professional contractor — like these four repairs that are best left for the pros. 1. Anything Involving

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Postpartum Care and Wellness

Childbirth is an amazing thing but it also takes a huge toll on your body. It can take months for new moms to get "back to normal" after having a baby. Those first few months of postpartum care are particularly important but can be challenging. Here are important areas you can expect to focus on to help you prioritize your

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