If you are dealing with an addiction, either to alcohol, drugs, or both, you may feel hopeless and unsure of what to do to change your life. Every person is different and while one solution won’t work for everyone, there are some that are worth trying. Check out these suggestions and see how you can take back control of your life. 

Use Talk Therapy

Chances are that your addiction stemmed from something else. Perhaps you suffered through trauma when you were younger and maybe using drugs and alcohol seemed like a way that you could cope. Talking about these feelings with a therapist can help you learn more about yourself, work through the trauma you experienced, and teach you new coping mechanisms that are healthy. Talk therapy might take some time, but it is a good investment for your physical and mental health. 

Abide by Court Requirements 

You might find yourself in a situation where you are dealing with legal repercussions because of your addiction. Maybe you have to go to court or you were already ordered to take classes that can help you work through some of the problems you are experiencing. You can find court ordered classes online that you can fit into your current schedule. This can make it easier to keep up with any other commitments you have already while working toward sobriety. 

Consider Rehabilitation 

Although rehabilitation might seem drastic, it can have long-term benefits that can help you get and stay clean, while turning your life around. Take the time to research and find a good center that you feel comfortable going to. Learn about the program and the different ways it can help, and how it can give you the chance to get through your addiction and become a new person. 

Make Plans for Your Life 

Making plans for your life can give you something to work toward and be excited about. This could include finding a new job, moving, or going back to school. Once you have gotten clean, think about what steps you want to take next, and what you hope to achieve now that you’re ready to make changes.

If you are going through an addiction, see how talk therapy can help. Make sure to abide by any court requirements, and consider going to rehab if necessary. Making plans for your life is another helpful way that you can start to feel better about yourself. 

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