Choosing the correct location for the printers in your office can increase employee productivity and prevent costly damage. Placing a printer in the wrong location can lead to a decrease in the longevity of your machine. To get your money’s worth, take the time to lay out a plan for the optimal placement of your printer.

Who Uses the Printer?

What makes the most sense to improve productivity is to place your printers Jackson MI closest to those employees who use them the most. Is there a central location that works best for the majority of your employees or do some employees use it more often? Determine each employee’s printer use and arrange their workspaces so the employees with the highest printing needs are closer. This decreases the amount of time your employees are wasting walking to and from the printer to collect their documents.

Dedicate a Space and Avoid Certain Areas

A small room can become a dedicated printer space, which can reduce noise and protect the printer from damage. This might be the best option if you can avoid the following issues. Keep printers away from windows to prevent sunlight exposure. The sun can increase the temperature of your printer causing damage to the parts inside and possibly bursting ink cartridges. Open windows can allow moisture in, damaging your paper or your printer, or blow papers around the office. To keep the temperature of your machine steady, also avoid placing your printer near heating and cooling vents. Don’t place a printer near break areas or in a kitchen area as spills can damage your printer. Other areas to avoid are those that collect dust and dirt. Grimy buildup on your machine can lead to costly issues in the future.

Best Placement For Your Printer

Once you map out all of the areas the printer shouldn’t be placed, you should only have a few areas left to choose from. Once you choose your spot, make sure the printer cables are plugged in securely and don’t become a tripping hazard. Remember to place employee workspaces near the printing area based on how often they use the printer. Keep storage nearby for printing supplies so each person in the workplace can find paper, ink, staplers and paper clips when they need it.

The most effective placement of your printer will ensure high employee productivity and a decreased chance of any accidental printer damage.

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