Do you know the old couple down the street that is too old to climb a ladder for standard home maintenance activities? Meanwhile, every season, they take turns hopping on that ladder and clearing the gutters of twigs, leaves, and other types of debris. You always vow the next time they haul out the ladder, you will volunteer to clean the downspouts. You may also be wondering if they would benefit from gutter screens.

Most experts agree gutter screens do not deliver foolproof protection from all debris that can clog gutters. That means you should not purchase gutter screens thinking that the gutters never need to be cleared out again. The good news is gutter screens reduce the frequency of cleaning because they do not collect as much debris as not having them. Like most homeowners, if you are clueless about gutter screens, keep reading to learn more!

Types of Gutter Screens

There are six main types of guards, including:

Bottle Brush

The bottle brush design mimics the bristles preventing birds from landing on statues. The bristles stand proud to debris can rest on stop while allowing water to fall through.


Foam is constructed from plastic that fits into the gutter and blocks all debris while allowing water to seep through.


Mesh gutter screens are covered in uniform holes that cover the gutters while attaching to the roof shingles. Small holes are better because they do not clog as easily as their larger counterparts.

Non-Gutter Cover

The non-gutter cover replaces your gutters with a thin set of louvers that drive rain off the roof.


Nylon screens are excellent for preventing ice and snow accumulation. They can easily fit into your gutter without attaching to shingles.

Reverse Curve

The reverse curve was engineered to direct water into the gutter using a tiny slit while encouraging leaves to fall to the ground.

What to Look for in Gutter Screens?

When choosing the best gutter screens for your home, there are several factors to consider, including:


Cost is probably the most important consideration, so you want to find a balance of excellent quality and pricing. Do-it-yourself options are inexpensive but are not a good long-term solution.


Gutter screens can be installed in a variety of ways, but certain installations can void your roofing warranty. It is usually best to leave the installation to the professionals.

Small Holes

Some gutter screens have large holes which allow debris to clog your gutters. This can cause major headaches since more debris will need to be removed from the gutters.


If you are considering a professionally installed screen versus a do-it-yourself, remember that a warranty is commonly not included in do-it-yourself versions. Most professionally installed screens come with a labor or material warranty.

Gutter screens can be an excellent addition to any gutters to prevent clogging issues and related water buildup problems. There are several buying options and many considerations before purchasing. Use this basic guide as an aid when speaking to a professional roofing company to help install the screens.

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