The ways in which consumables are packaged plays a critical role in shielding us from harm. From candies to medicine and beyond, modern advances in safety packaging assure us that whatever we put into our bodies can be digested without worry. Here are six unique container methods that add a vital layer of security to everything we purchase.

1. Seal Bands

Also known as shrink bands, these plastic rings are shrink-wrapped around caps. Basic containers are turned into tamper proof bottles in one stroke. You can find heat-sealed bands surrounding all types of container lids, from pickle jars and cough medicines to oils and pill bottles.

2. Over Wraps

Plastic film that envelops a product is known as over wrap. Coverings around cigarette packs and CDs are good examples of this technique. Text, colors and stickers can be added to create eye-catching design flourishes, making this method perfect for companies that want their wares to stand out. Perforations and peel indicators make for effortless removal.

3. Lidding Films

Another superior form of protection is what packaging experts refer to as a lidding film. Yogurts and over-the-counter pain medications typically utilize this safeguarding method. Lidding films are excellent at maintaining freshness. Small, protruding tabs ease tearing them away with one swift motion.

4. Resealing Pouches With Pull off Lids

Capri-sun made these containers ubiquitous in the 80s. Since then, their popularity has skyrocketed. Today, you can find similar shipping designs applied to everything from candy to industrial hemp. Childproof, re-sealable pouches are also used with many pharmaceuticals, medical marijuana being a prime example.

5. Induction Seals

Induction seals are often multi-material affairs. Elements such as plastic, wax or aluminum are combined to create a secondary layer of defense. As the name suggests, induction heating is used to close off these seals. They’re especially appropriate for perishables and items with long shelf lives.

6. Tamper Evident Tapes

Boxes, crates and shipping pallets are commonly protected via anti-tamper evidence tape. Once the tape has been applied, it becomes impossible to remove without tears being noticed. After sealed merchandise has been accessed, a message reading “VOID” or similar warning alerts consumers that it may be compromised and should be discarded.

Modern packaging has done a great deal to protect humanity from its most dangerous individuals. Take a moment to appreciate the miracle of modern manufacturing the next time you pop the top to your cleaning supplies or unwrap your favorite snack.

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