When people leave their homes in the morning, they do not expect to get hurt at work. Sadly, this happens too far too many people every year. For individuals who get hurt at work, they may be facing a prolonged recovery process. They might also have to undergo a surgical procedure that might leave them in the hospital for several days. If this is followed by months of physical therapy, individuals might not be able to return to work for quite some time. In this situation, it might be worth seeking workers’ compensation. This is where at Iowa workers compensation lawyer can be helpful. What are some of the facts that will have to prove in order to be successful in seeking workers’ compensation?

Prove That the Injury Is Disabling

One of the first factors that individuals will have to prove is that the injury they suffered is disabling.  There are a number of ways if it can be done. Usually, this claim is supported by information from medical records. Doctors and nurses leave information in medical records that support the severity of the injury. When this is combined with imaging procedures and lab tests, it can be enough to prove that an individual cannot work until he or she has recovered fully from the injury. At the same time, it can be helpful to work with an attorney who knows how to protect this argument in a way that a judge and jury can understand. 

Prove That the Injury Happened at Work

While this might sound straightforward, this is often one of the most contentious points in this proceeding. Individuals can use paperwork to prove that the injury happened at work and that they were employed by the company at the time of the injury. On the other hand, the employer might argue that the individual was not acting in the scope of his or her employment when he or she suffered the injury. This could be enough to deny the worker’s compensation claim. This is another area where a skilled attorney can be helpful. 

Work With a Trained Attorney

Finally, individuals seeking workers’ compensation need to file the appropriate paperwork. Working with a skilled attorney you can assure that individuals have the legal guidance they need from start to finish to maximize their chances of success. Workers’ compensation benefits can help people make ends meet as they recover.

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