It can be difficult to shop for boys, especially when they get a little older and outgrow the normal baby toys. If you have a son or grandson who loves to be outdoors fishing and hunting, or who is always in camo or plaid, then you are in luck. There are plenty of cool gifts for your country boy.

Can’t Go Wrong With Leather

Leather is one of those materials that goes with anything. A leather tie can be worn at a formal dinner. Think about how cute it would look with a dark denim jacket.  Leather boots are always on trend and get more comfortable the more they are worn. Nothing matches a good pair of leather boots than a leather cowboy hat. A boys western belt buckle paired with a leather belt is shiny and useful.

Tents Aren’t Just for Camping

Tents are fun. Even if you are not a big camper, any little boy will find hours of entertainment playing in a tent. If you choose a tent that is small, it can be set up inside or outside. An easy pop-up two person tent won’t just give a kid somewhere to play. He will also learn how to set up and take down the tent, which is a useful skill.

Never Too Young for Some Tools

Swiss Army Knives come in a variety of styles for boys and girls of all ages. The kid’s version comes with a small pocket knife, fork, spoon, bottle opener and screwdriver. Not only will this give your child a useful tool, it is also a chance to teach them about safety and responsibility. If the child you are shopping for is too young or irresponsible, then consider the Victorinox Pocket Knife Toy. This pocket knife has similar tools included, but they are made from plastic and are much more blunt.

Who Needs Electricity When You Have the Sun

For your older country boy who likes to sit with a fishing rod in one hand and his phone in the other, a solar charger power bank is the perfect gift. Power banks are basically handheld batteries powered by solar panels. Some chargers have multiple solar panels that unfold, and some are built right into the battery. The more panels a charger has, the better. Solar chargers come with a variety of options. Popluar models have multiple USB ports, are waterproof and function as a flashlight. They are ideal for anyone who spends a lot of time outside.

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