One of the peskiest critters found in homes are ants. When you spot a trail of ants, it’s important to take immediate action before the small problem becomes an infestation. Ants can be found building nests in your yard, along the foundation of your house and in moldy woodpiles. Different types of ants prefer diverse environments, but all are looking for food sources. If they find that food source in your home, with a convenient entry point, it can be a tough battle to rid your home of these annoying creatures. Here are some tips to keep ants away from your home.

Keep it Clean

If you allow crumbs to build up on counters and floors, you’re bound to see ants. Make sure to sweep floors regularly and wipe countertops well to prevent ants from finding readily available food. Ants are drawn to sweet food items, so make sure any food with sugar is wrapped tightly. Make sure trash is taken out of the house often to prevent ants from finding food in your trash can. Once you clean all areas well, check for cracks in the caulk around doors and windows. When you find those areas, reseal them to block ants from coming back in.

Look For Trails

Ants have scouts that look for the food and when they find it they leave a pheromone trail for other ants to follow. Before killing all of the ants you see, pay attention to the trail they’ve made. You can spray the area with a mix of vinegar and water to dilute the pheromone scents and follow up with a blend of peppermint and lavender essential oils. Cape Coral pest control companies can come out to inspect how effective your treatment was if you still see ants show up.

Search Your Yard

Finding ant nests in your yard can help you keep the problem to a minimum. When you find a nest, you can pour boiling water into it or purchase an insecticide to spot treat the area. If you have overgrown shrubs and trees touching your house, trim them back to prevent another pathway for ants to follow. Old woodpiles and rotting logs can also be discarded to prevent ants from congregating near your home.

Ants can present a major problem if not taken care of immediately. Prevent the spread of ants in your home using these methods or by hiring a professional.

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