To prevent your gorgeous pond from becoming a nasty swamp, you need to have a maintenance routine throughout the year. Dredging is part of that, but how do you know when to have it done? Here are some of the signs that your pond needs to be dredged.

Decrease in Water Depth

You may remove the debris from around your pond on a regular basis, but there are some natural elements that continue to build up over time. This increase in sediment on the bottom and edges of your pond leads to shallower water and a change in the shape of your shoreline. Dredging equipment Spring TX can be brought in to remove the bottom layer of sludge and restore depth to your water.

Low Fish Numbers

If you notice that your fish aren’t thriving, this can be caused by a lack of oxygen due to the build-up of natural debris in your pond. This debris can lead to excessive nutrients in the water that are harmful to fish.

Excessive Algae Growth

Excess nutrients can also cause algae blooms. This layer of toxic plant life destroys the habitat you’ve created by using all of the oxygen.

Increased Odors

If you notice a bad smell coming from outside, check out your pond. The extra algae growth can lead to stagnant water, which doesn’t promote a healthy odor in the landscape. Refresh your senses after the dredging is complete.

Less Wildlife

A pond can be an amazing way to attract a variety of wildlife to your yard. You may see frogs, toads, birds, bugs and animals. When you have a large amount coming to your local watering hole and then notice a decrease in population, it may be because you need to dredge your pond.

Dredging solves a bunch of pond problems and only needs to be done once a year.

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