The most organized, zen person you know will still get stressed out during a move. Upending your life, and moving all your earthly possessions is going to be physically and emotionally hard. Moving hundreds of miles is even more of a logistical nightmare and requires special considerations. Besides the move, you may also need to coordinate a change in jobs, schools and utilities. There is already so much involved, so take the easy way out where you can. There is no shame in securing help. If you have the money to pay for packers and movers, then do it. Life is too short to take the long way around. Even with movers, these tips will help the process. 

Check the Car off Your List

If you are moving more than 5 hours away, you may be thinking about driving your car. Don’t do it. It may make more sense to pack that beast full of boxes and head out into the sunset. The reality will not be so picturesque. Try picturing yourself waving goodbye to your car, and boarding a plane unencumbered by boxes to receive a cocktail and headphones. Much better, right? You will be thankful for the time spent stranded in the air. Nationwide car transport are available to safely deliver your vehicle. You will be happy to have one less thing to worry about. 

Purge, Purge and Then Purge Some More

The more you get rid of now, the less you will have to pack, move and unpack later. You will save energy, money and sanity. Find the items buried in the recesses of your home and get rid of them. If you haven’t laid eyes on it in a year, then you do not want it to follow you across the country. If you have a friend who is an unofficial organizer guru, then ask them to help. Getting rid of items is hard, but worth it. New homes come with new styles, so this is your excuse to shop after the move. 

Prioritize Your Boxes, Prioritize Your Time

As tempting as it is to let the packers steamroll through your home like Tasmanian devils, you need to assert some authority here. Make sure you label which boxes you can’t live without. There are things you will need as soon as you get to your new home. For priority items, consider shipping them ahead of time. This way you don’t have to wait for the moving truck to arrive. Other boxes can wait. Maybe they can wait a few days, maybe they can wait a few months. Label the boxes accordingly. Unpacking is the final stretch, so don’t stumble over piles of unnecessary stuff.

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