Magnet Stirring is a method that is used broadly as a way to stir and mix the liquid. The magnet stirring has a stir bar that can be immersed in liquid to spin, stir, or mix solutions quickly. The bar is enclosed in a material that protects the magnet as well as does not contaminate the liquid. 

This process provides a way for someone to stir liquids without any problems or difficulties. This process is helpful because it can be used across multiple temperatures with just about any type of chemical. It can be used in a vacuum or under pressure. Magnet stirring is also used in closed or open systems. The stirrer can mix any liquid thickness, and the drive has various speeds. 

A basic magnet stirring has two different components. One is a stirrer magnet that is put inside the liquid. The other is a magnetic drive that is placed outside the container holding the liquid. The stirrer and the drive together form a magnetic circuit. The strength of the magnetic circuit is essential to stir the liquid. They are silent and allow you to mix closed systems without having to isolate them. In addition, the stir bars are able to be cleaned and sterilized much more quickly than other devices that might be used to stir liquids. 

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