Those who enjoy the great outdoors through the sport of hunting are familiar with the equipment needed to participate. However, firearms can be deadly in the wrong hands, and gearing up for this sport can be expensive, making appropriate storage between seasons crucial to protect the investment.


While some hunters may use a bow and arrow or other non-firearm implements, many use firearms. Because of the potentially deadly consequences of improper firearm storage, great care should be taken to assure they are unloaded and secured safely from children and others. Ammunition should be stored in a separate, secured container such as ammunition storage Canada

Cleaning firearms is essential in ensuring functionality and protecting the investment. Therefore, it is a good idea to set aside a few hours at the end of each hunting season to thoroughly clean and lubricate the firearm to help prolong its life and usefulness.

Storing firearms with the barrel facing down or sideways may cause the metal barrels to warp, which can ruin a gun. This makes storing them with the barrel up is significant for prolonging the life of the piece. However, this method may cause some lubricants to run into other parts of the gun, causing a bit of a sticky mess.

Humidity, moisture, and temperature extremes are enemies to the world of gun storage. Humidity and temperature-controlled gun safes can be ideal in defeating those enemies. Otherwise, look for a place that is relatively undisturbed in terms of temperature and consider putting a bucket of a moisture-absorbing product in the same space as the guns.

Hunting Gear

Anything a person uses while hunting is considered hunting gear which includes hunting clothes, tree stands, scent blockers, rangefinders and more. Many people who have stored their gear in the garage or shed have noted that smells from cleaning items, paints, and other garage items can penetrate the gear over time. Considering animals typically have a much better sense of smell than humans, storing gear in a dedicated, separate space free from odor-emitting substances is key to smell-free gear.

Proper storage of firearms and hunting gear is important for safety, protection, and functionality. In order to continue enjoying the sport of hunting, it can help to have the proper equipment in working order. Opening up storage containers and finding ruined firearms and gear could put a serious damper on the season, particularly after the expense of replacement.

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