Choosing the perfect dog breed can seem like a huge challenge. Each breed has its own unique characteristics and personalities, and it can be tough to pick the right one. As you wade through lists of dog breeds on the hunt for your perfect canine companion, consider the following breed options.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd puppies Miami are excellent companion dogs. They’re energetic, smart and strong dogs. They’re also considered to be very affectionate, playful and great with kids. Because they are so loyal and agile, they’re also excellent as guard dogs if properly trained for that purpose. Their high-energy nature means that they also crave lots of playtime and regular exercise. They’re great companions for outdoor activities such as running and hiking.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are known for their sweet disposition and loveable personality. They’re extremely friendly and love to give and receive lots of affection. They’re also an excellent choice for families with children, because they’re very in tune with human needs (this is why they’re often chosen as a breed for working as therapy or service dogs). Golden Retrievers are easy to train, so they’re an excellent choice for new owners. They get along well with other animals, so they’re a fantastic addition to multiple-pet homes or neighborhoods with lots of other pets.


Pugs are a smaller-scale dog that was bred specifically to be a friendly companion breed. They enjoy playtime and regular walks, but their smaller size and easygoing personality mean that they don’t need as much activity as high-energy breeds. Their size also makes them a good fit for families (and small houses), since they are just the right scale for playing with children (yet still fitting in your space).


Dachshunds are energetic and loving, making them a great breed for a family dog. They love to snuggle and spend time with their owners, but they still love a good round of fetch or a long walk. Their bold personalities are certainly endearing, but this often means they require a bit more obedience training to work well in families with small children. However, their loving nature and tenacity mean that once trained, they’ll be a great addition to your family for many years.

Dogs are a fabulous pet choice for families. By selecting a friendly, easy-to-train and loveable breed, you’ll have a companion to share life’s adventures with for years to come.

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