In the past, the only option for travelers was to stay in a motel or hotel. Times are changing and the choices are expanding. Here are five reasons many people are now renting a vacation home instead of a single room.

1. Travel as a Group

When you travel with your family or friends, it is such a hassle to stay in multiple hotel rooms. You have to walk down the hall to visit each other and the only space large enough to gather as a group is in the lobby. Instead, you can choose one of the vacation home rentals Newport Beach Ca with enough bedrooms for everyone to have their own space. Before and after sleep, you can gather together for conversations, games and meals in the shared living area. 

2. Cook in Your Own Kitchen

Dining in restaurants every meal can be extremely expensive. Many travelers choose to save money by purchasing a few groceries upon arrival. That way, they can enjoy some fruit or cereal first thing in the morning while still in their pajamas. Making sandwiches or salads for lunch can be a quick alternative that will also save time and money. Your budget can go much further if you only eat out once per day. 

3. Enjoy a Home-like Atmosphere

When you are traveling alone, you can feel more comfortable when staying in your own space. You will have your own private bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room. Your business trip won’t seem near as long when you are in your own unique home away from home — instead of staying in a hotel room that looks exactly like the one next door. 

4. Do Your Laundry 

Most vacation rentals include a washer and dryer inside the home. When you know ahead that you will have free laundry facilities, you can pack fewer outfits. One less suitcase to haul through the busy airport is always a good idea. 

5. Live Like a Local

When staying in a vacation home, you will be residing next to real people in their own neighborhoods. Don’t hesitate to ask them about their favorite restaurants and local attractions. You might notice children leaving for school and people heading to work. You can feel like one of the locals instead of like a tourist. 

One seasoned traveler stated, “Hotels are for suitcases; vacation homes are for people.” You might have the same opinion after staying in your own vacation rental — you will be glad you chose to be “at home.”

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