A FASS fuel system has several benefits. This article will cover how it will improve engine performance and horsepower, decrease air and vapor content, and extend the life of diesel injectors. 

Improves engine performance

FASS stands for Fuel Air Separation System. It is a combination of a diesel fuel lift pump and filtration system designed to increase the fuel mileage and prolong the life of your diesel injection system. Fass diesel fuel pumps were founded in Brad’s garage in 2003 and expanded to Marthasville, MO. Since then, FASS has become a global brand with millions of satisfied customers.

The FASS Fuel System is designed to reduce air from fuel, which significantly impacts fuel delivery. Air in the fuel reduces lubrication and the injection timing, which results in reduced horsepower and torque. Diesel fuel is more vulnerable to this problem than gas, so FASS fuel systems are an excellent solution for improving your engine’s performance. These systems are straightforward to install and can improve the performance of your truck by up to 10%.

Increases horsepower

A FASS fuel system is an upgrade to your car’s diesel fuel pump. A combination of fuel filtration and lift pumps, the FASS helps you get better fuel mileage, increase horsepower, and extend the life of your diesel injection system. It is simple to install and will increase your car’s power by 10-20 horsepower! Installing this system is also relatively easy, so you should have no problems completing it yourself.

The lift pumps used by FASS are notoriously loud. Fortunately, these pumps can be replaced with more efficient versions from other companies. This upgrade will increase horsepower and fuel mileage, but it will also save you a lot of trouble! If you want to avoid the noise of a loud pump, opt for the air dog II or 150-165 gph pump. FASS fuel filters last 50 thousand miles with a lift pump. Of course, you can always replace them with another brand.

Reduces air and vapor

A FASS fuel system is excellent whether you want to enhance your truck’s performance or reduce air and vapor in your fuel. FASS fuel systems are complete kits and include all the mounting hardware and hoses you need to install the system. The only thing you’ll need to purchase separately is wire ties and tools. A FASS fuel system is an investment that will pay for itself over time in increased performance.

The FASS Fuel System is a beneficial upgrade for GM’s Duramax LML diesel engine. Because the LML does not come with a factory lift pump, the CP4 injection pump is forced to pull fuel under a vacuum, increasing stress on the pump and the risk of air in the fuel. These contaminants are eliminated with the FASS Fuel System without altering your fuel delivery or performance.

Extends life of diesel injectors

A FASS fuel system is a combination of a lift pump and filtration system designed to improve the performance of a diesel truck. It removes contaminants and improves fuel mileage, while also extending the life of the diesel injectors. This American-made system also extends the life of the injectors by removing water, dirt, and vapor. It also improves throttle response, idle quality, and fuel economy.

The FASS Silencing Technology reduces the noise generated by the diesel lift pump. This is done through radius cuts, tighter gear tolerances, and high-quality, military-specified coating. As a result, it is the quietest fuel/air separation system available today. In addition, the FASS Silencing Technology eliminates air or particle contamination, extending the life of diesel injectors and reducing exhaust temperatures.

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