If you’ve attached a high-powered scope to your rifle and can see targets in the distance very well, you may start to notice diminished performance with close-range targets. Rather than suffer these weaknesses, you can use offset non-magnifying red dot optics on your weapon to give you a close-range edge. 

In a standard configuration, you have a magnifying scope mounted for your primary sight. This gives you the visibility and accuracy you generally need. However, RDO mounts can be set to the right or left of your scope so you can cant your rifle and use it at close range targets. While it generally serves as a backup on rifles, it doesn’t have to. There are actually plenty of benefits to leaving it on permanently. Here are some of the top reasons people use offset mounts regularly. 

1. Ground Clearance

When you fire in the prone position, you may find that an extended magazine bumps into the ground, making it difficult to stay low. Since an offset sight requires that you turn the rifle to sight in the target, this can give you the extra clearance you need to stay low while training. 

2. Recoil Control

When you twist the rifle to sight through the RDO, you will notice that the butt of your rifle fits into your shoulder more securely. Many people claim that this gives them better control of their weapon as it recoils from the shot. 

3. Breathing Apparatus

Sometimes, you may need to wear a breathing apparatus while training with your rifle, and the canister can impact your ability to hold the rifle straight. Fortunately, using an offset sight forces you to twist the rifle to lock in on your target, which means you can easily work around a canister or other part of your breathing apparatus. 

4. Low Light

The red dot of this type of sight is often easier to aim with during low-light situations than the black crosshairs of a standard scope. Aside from extending your training time, it can help you switch back and forth between target and sight when shooting with little light. 

Offset mounts allow you to use your rifle up close and at a distance. Aside from giving you the ability to switch distances with the same rifle, you also benefit from the red dot in low light conditions. This can be very beneficial when you are training with your rifle. 

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