When writing an article, it is always good to cite your sources. It shows you have invested your time in researching whatever you are writing about. When used correctly, citations provide solid evidence of original ideas, which enhances a writer’s point. As discussed below, here are some benefits of citing your sources before publishing. 

Acts as a Tool To Check Facts

Facts are vital, especially when writing about scientific findings. By simply looking up a reference to verify information helps a reader double-check and confirm your source. Bentham Science recommends researchers use citations to prevent them from being misquoted. 

Makes You a Better Researcher

One of the qualities of a good researcher is paying attention to details and connecting patterns. This is what citation does. A good citation involves spelling an author’s name correctly, stating the correct page number you are getting information from, and, most importantly, citing an accurate fact when presenting it in your work. Bentham Science professionals advise researchers to work on being detail-oriented, as it instills good research habits. Considering that scientific analysis is always bulky, you need to spot patterns or trends as it helps condense your work to fit into a short space. 

Makes You a Better Writer

Any writer aspires to write an excellent paper with compelling ideas that flow naturally. Attributing your work helps set the foundation for this. Citing sources in your work eliminates vague thinking, intellectual laziness, and sloppy writing through cliches and generalizations. For instance, instead of saying something like ‘people say’ or ‘everyone knows,’ replace such statements with a proper citation, which eliminates any doubt in the mind of the reader regarding your work. 

Helps Display Your Scientific Knowledge

When you cite sources in a bibliography, it shows you are well-read. The more sources you cite, the more it shows you are informed. However, as you cite, follow the rules of citations to ensure your work is acceptable. 

Helps Build Your Credibility 

A proper citation shows your credibility as a researcher and writer, to your peers and readers. When someone goes through a good bibliography that matches the content of your article, it gives the researcher credibility. The better your arguments are documented in research, the more credible you are among your colleagues. 

As a researcher, ensure that your citation is accurate, enabling readers to trace your source of information. One important tip to ensure you have cited correctly, is to note down any sources used while researching. This makes it easier for you to list your citations. 

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