The holidays may seem far away, but before you know it you will be decorating your house inside and out. Here are some guidelines.


Make your house look festive and inviting with lights and seasonal yard art.


Before stringing lights, make sure your roof is in top shape. Few things are more important than proper roofing Littleton CO when it comes to protecting your home. If you notice missing, torn or worn shingles, call for a professional inspection. Once you are sure your roof is sturdy, hang lights that follow the lines of your house. Stick to one color along the house; you can use a different color on trees, fence lines or along the walk.

Yard Art

With such a vast array of yard art available, it is easy to create a winter wonderland on your own front lawn. Unfortunately, if you do not choose carefully, you may end up with a hot mess. The key is sticking to a theme. Perhaps you love oversized inflatables or vintage blow molds. Maybe you have a collection of snowmen built with every material possible. Mix multiple styles successfully by creating vignettes; one corner may depict Santa’s workshop while a corner across the yard features a manger scene.


Your home should make you smile as soon as you open the door. Infuse the space with joyful holiday scents and sights.


Join in the recent trend of decorating multiple trees. In the living room, cover a flocked tree in rose gold, champagne and honey-colored ornaments for an updated designer look. Or display your love for the beach with shades of green, blue and turquoise; mix in some shells and sand dollars for authenticity. In the bedroom, go for a cozy mix of homemade family treasures.

Some families like to have one tree for adults to decorate and one tree for the children. On the adult tree, be sure to include the wooden ones you painted when you were a kid.


Nothing creates a warm glow quite like candles. Make a centerpiece by mixing white candles of various heights, or a multihued array of votives on a serving tray. Fill blank space on the tray with ornaments, pine cones or citrus fruits. Add a bow on each end and your centerpiece is ready to shine.


Indoor plants are always a good idea, but during the holidays they become an absolute must. Flank your entryway with large poinsettias to welcome seasonal guests. Hang a wreath on every door. Evergreen garlands are beautiful draped along stair rails, fireplace mantles and window ledges.

Have fun making your home festive. All it takes is a little planning and creativity.

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