There are many examples in that published report of people who’ve gone through the same problem––and many of them had health insurance!

  • Of course, folks without health insurance have a serious problem if they’re hospitalized.
  • You wouldn’t risk not having fire insurance on your home––so why risk losing it to medical bills?

Al has a plan with a solution that can allow you to be prepared for future hospital bills you must pay yourself that are not covered by insurance. You can potentially wipe out 80% or more of them. And this solution soon will be able to do the same for past hospital bills you’ve already incurred. This program can help folks avoid credit damage, bankruptcy, and financial ruin.  The premium for this valuable service is less than the cost of a family visit to a fast-food restaurant!

Al will send you all the detailed information to you––just drop him an email.

This advocacy plan will get you an experienced professional who will work directly with your hospital to reduce or eliminate your hospital bill.

Al’s worldview is uplifting, inspirational, and thought-provoking, sprinkled with a bit of satire and a few winks of humor. His future commentaries on Preparedness Radio could also be called “Preparedness Moments.”

In addition to years of commentary already recorded, Al shares additional experiences and anecdotes from his self-published restaurant book, “You Want to Open a Restaurant—Are You Nuts,” from his library, and his lifetime of experience.

Al also shares the wisdom found in stories, fables, and anecdotal tales that delight as well as instruct.

Essentially, Al envisions a Lifestyle approach to preparing for the future so that people will have more tools and resources to face life’s challenges more lightheartedly and with confidence, rather than with apprehension.

Listeners can discover more about AmeriPlan Health® discount healthcare plans for preppers, survivalists, homesteaders, and all other American families at

If you need additional information, you can call him, preferably in the afternoon, at (210) 473-7939 CDT.

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