Having a well-maintained anilox requires constant cleaning. Manual cleaning is only so effective, and ultrasonic cleaning is the best way to keep your anilox looking its best. You can find out how to use an anilox cleaner in this article. You’ll also learn how to use the FW Handy Anilox Cleaner and Sanilox(TM) System. Finally, here are some tips for deep cleaning anilox.

FW Handy Anilox Cleaner

FW Handy Anilox Cleaners are the perfect solution for any small label printing operation. They are designed to clean two or four rolls simultaneously, allowing users to clean multiple rolls in less time than ever. They can also be used to clean obscure inks that are often difficult to remove with a traditional anilox cleaner. They are also environmentally friendly and can reduce waste and energy usage. The FW Handy Anilox Cleaner can be used with narrow and wide web rolls.

The FW Handy Anilox Cleaners use an environmentally friendly cleaning liquid designed for deep cleaning all anilox types. The water from the high-pressure rinse automatically flows into a tank and drains. After cleaning, the water is recycled through a water treatment unit. This makes the machine one of the most environmentally friendly anilox cleaners available. If you’re looking for a machine to deep clean your anilox, look no further than FW Handy Anilox Cleaners. These machines work with any ink and leave aniloxes clean and debris-free.

Sanilox(TM) System

The Sanilox(TM) System uses a unique sodium bicarbonate formulation designed to clean aniloxes in-depth. Engineered by Eaglewood Technologies, the Sanilox System is simple to operate. Its touch screen interface allows you to adjust the system’s parameters easily and maintain an inventory of rolls. As a result, it is a highly effective and environmentally friendly cleaning system that can save your company time and money.

The Sanilox(TM) system’s media delivery system fractures the media down to six microns, ensuring it reaches the bottom of the cell. Other media blasters use a lower pressure to “recycle” the media, increasing cleaning time. Recycling units do not clean the roller and are largely ineffective. Dry ink is pushed into it over again.

FW Ultrasonic Anilox Cleaner

FW Ultrasonic Anilox Cleaners provide deep cleaning for the ceramic anilox. They feature a fixed-rate rotation and an integrated rotating mechanism that delivers ultrasonic power at 68 kHz. They also feature removable supports and heavy-duty urethane rollers to prevent damage to the sleeve. In addition, this cleaning system rotates multiple anilox rolls at the same time.

In traditional cleaning methods, a cleaning solution is applied by hand and left on the anilox for five to thirty minutes. The length of time depends on the cleanliness of the anilox. High-pressure washing or an anilox brush may remove ink build-up, but it does not always result in complete cleaning. An ultrasonic anilox cleaner can eliminate ink build-up, which may cause damage to your anilox.

FW Ultrasonic Anilox Cleaners are available in two versions: In-Line and Washing Machine. The In-Line anilox cleaner uses high-frequency sound waves to break down the ink on an anilox roll. The In-Line anilox cleaner is a concentrated cleaning agent. It is used for daily and periodic cleaning of surfaces polluted by ink. The Washing Machine version is exclusively designed for regular cleaning of anilox rollers.

Deep Cleaning anilox

If you’re interested in cleaning your anilox rolls, you may wonder what types of cleaners are available. There are thousands of different cleaners on the market. Some are designed for various applications, such as dissolving inks or removing stains, while others are explicitly suited for cleaning an anilox roll. Here are some of the types of cleaners available and how they work. Read on to learn more.

The most common types of anilox cleaners are laser or liquid. Both are effective at cleaning anilox rolls. However, an ultrasonic cleaning machine cleans with nano-micron particles, much smaller than those found in manual cleaning. This type of cleaning system can clean a wide variety of anilox rolls, regardless of their line count. An ultrasonic anilox cleaner also deep cleans the coating, reaching the porosity of the anilox’s surface to remove stains and other debris. Ultimately, the anilox will stay cleaner longer and have better print quality.

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