As a busy homeowner, you may find yourself short on time and putting off outdoor tasks that really need to be accomplished. If this applies to you, make some time in your schedule, and get ready to tackle some of the following chores.


Maybe your house, garage, outbuildings or fence needs a good coat of paint. Painting improves your curb appeal, but it also helps your siding last longer and protects your home, buildings and fence from weather damage. So grab a brush and a roller, and get painting.

Lawn Maintenance

If your lawn is overgrown and shabby, it might just be an inviting spot for insects and other pests that can eventually find their way into your home. Mow your lawn at least weekly in the summer, and trim around your house, garage, driveway, sidewalks and other borders. Weed your flowerbeds and garden, too, and don’t neglect your bushes and trees. Clip overgrown bushes, and get rid of broken tree limbs. If your trees show signs of disease, call in a professional landscaper to assess the situation.

General Clean-up

Piles of junk and debris in your yard are unattractive but also potentially dangerous. Rusted metal, broken glass and anything else with sharp edges can cause injury to you and your family members. Therefore, schedule a day for a general clean-up, and remove anything that should not be in your yard. Recycle what you can, and haul the rest to the local landfill.

When you’re thinking about cleaning up your yard, you might also consider having your septic system checked and pumped if necessary. If you have an old, unused oil tank on your property, have a company that specializes in residential oil tank removal Ulster County NY come and remove it safely.


Finally, when you’re taking time to catch up on outdoor tasks, you can also thoroughly inspect your property. Check your house for damage to the roof and siding. Look for gaps or cracks in windows and doors. Make sure your locks work properly and that outdoor light fixtures are clean and bright. Inspect your driveway and sidewalks for damage, and do the same for your garage, outbuildings and fences. If you have a porch or patio, take note of rotted wood, crumbling brick or other issues. Make a list of needed repairs. You may be able to do some of them yourself, but otherwise, hire a professional.

When you’ve caught up on all your outdoor tasks, you can sit back and enjoy your outdoor space with a sense of accomplishment.

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